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Best Watermark Apps for iPhone & iPad

Best Watermark Apps for iPhone iPad

Watermarking your photos is an operation you should consider for two main reasons.

To begin with, this can be an effective method to deter image theft. The sad reality is that people constantly copy and use others’ original photography as if it were theirs. This can be stopped through the use of a copyright text or logo.

Once you insert your watermark into a picture, you make it clear that you’re the copyright owner and nobody else can copy, edit or distribute that picture without your authorization.

But there’s another reason you may wish to consider adding a watermark. Besides image protection, a watermark can help you boost your marketing strategy.

Having your name, website, signature, or logo on photos will allow people to identify your photography and it will help you drive traffic to your portfolio website or blog and potentially acquire new clients. 

Best Watermark Apps for iPhone iPad

Now let’s see which iOS apps you can use to perform this operation.


PhotoMarks is a great solution for iPhone and iPad users looking to protect or promote their photography. The app is simple to use thanks to the intuitive interface and gives you the possibility to watermark images individually or in bulk. With just a few taps, you can watermark one or dozens of photos automatically and without losing any quality.

PhotoMarks enables you to add images directly from Photos, to work with both portrait and landscape formats, and with multiple layers.

The app gives you the possibility to insert a copyright or trademark text, a logo, or perhaps a date and time stamp and fully customize each of them. This means you can freely change the position, size and rotation, adjust the transparency, select from multiple font styles and colors or apply effects like stroke and shadow. 

To help you improve your workflow, PhotoMarks allows you to save your current settings as Profiles and easily load them in future editing projects. You can save the newly-edited images to your library, send them via email or directly share them on popular social networks.

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LogoLicious is a user-friendly app, designed to quickly watermark a photo on the go. Simply load your logo from your iPhone, drag and drop it over the selected picture, customize it as you please and then share it online.

Of course, you’re not restricted to logos. You can also use a text, a hashtag, or perhaps your social media handle. At the same time, you can add a protective snap-on X-grid over a pic. 

Regardless of the chosen watermark, LogoLicious lets you perform numerous adjustments to it. In that sense, you can adjust its placement, scale, or rotation, change the opacity or select from a wide array of fonts and colors.

To speed up the editing process, the app enables you to save your setup as a template and just reuse it later. When it comes to exporting, you have the option of saving your new image in high or low resolution. 

Besides watermarking, LogoLicious offers a useful feature to crop your photos.

Watermark Photo

Watermark Photo is an interesting solution to watermark photos on iPhones and iPad. This is because it provides two possibilities: you can import your own watermark, but also create one from scratch.

For that purpose, the app places at your disposal an impressive variety of graphic elements to choose from, including numerous icons and badges, as well as over 300 font styles.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a classic text, a logo, your signature, or various other designs to protect your creative content.

Speaking of content, it’s worth mentioning that the app offers the opportunity to watermark not only photos but videos as well. When you’re done, you can directly post your newly-watermarked photo or video to the desired social media platform. 


iWatermark is another iOS app you can reliably put to use to protect or advertise your work. With this app you can import an existing watermark or create a text or logo mark from zero, using various graphics.

At the same time, you can choose one of the available templates and customize it. The templates include copyright texts, names, signatures, and logos. You can even create a QR code.

The app provides diverse customization options. These range from adjusting the watermark’s location, scale, and rotation angle to setting the transparency and applying special effects. With iWatermark, you can watermark multiple photos at once to improve productivity and export them to social networks at full resolution.

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Watermark X

If you don’t have a watermark yet, this is the app to try. Watermark X gives you the option to design your own watermark but also places at your disposal a large variety of templates to choose from. The app comes with a multitude of professionally-designed watermarks, which you can customize with your personal information.

The templates include anything from a classic copyright text to your digital signature, a modern hashtag, or perhaps the GPS location. You can make various changes to the placement, size, or opacity and then easily share your image online. 

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