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5 Main Benefits of Video Marketing in a Business

5 Main Benefits of Video Marketing in a Business

With over 50% of customers wanting to watch branded video commercials from businesses, video content is something to include in your marketing plans.

Especially for businesses looking to grow, video marketing serves as a helpful means of growing a brand and interacting with a target market.

Video Marketing

Apart from that, video marketing offers numerous benefits to a business. Some of these benefits are not limited to the following:

1. Rank High in SERPs

Videos help improve a website’s ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages). The time (dwell time) visitors spend on a page after searching on Google may affect how you rank in the search engine results.

Videos are amazingly effective ways to bump this factor, with over 80% of digital marketing experts saying that video content increases dwell time.

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2. Share Easily

Whenever you have good content, you would want everyone, including your friends share it with their colleagues, friends, and families so as to generate buzz for your brand.

Social media platforms, for example, make it much easier for individuals to share video content. Most individuals like doing so, too, whether they are cool or funny videos.

In addition, people are 8x more likely to comment, engage, and share videos than blogs. Through video production Calgary services, you can share content about your services and products.

3. Build Credibility and Trust

Videos are an excellent way of creating a good personality for your business brand and company, allowing you to connect with the viewers as well as earn their loyalty and trust.

More than 88% of consumers report that video content is helpful in the process of making a decision. The more video content you create to inform and educate your clients, the more you are likely to build trust.

4. Boost Sales and Conversions

Videos can help you earn more money. Adding videos on a landing page may easily boost conversions by more than 80%. For instance, compelling presenters in videos are likely to impact customers’ behavior and convert them as opposed to reading texts from search engine results.

In addition, videos can lead to more sales. According to experts, 75% of consumers who viewed explainer videos on a service or product followed up as well as made a purchase. So start personalizing your videos to make this more achievable.

5. Establish a Healthy Relationship between Customers and Brands

It is a known fact that many people like to watch videos, which is mostly responsible when it comes to driving sales. Especially well-tailored video content can easily drive communication and engagement with all your target audience, giving your business brand honesty, trust, and reliability aspect, which are vital for customers who want to connect with your company.

By collaborating with popular influencers to review your service or product, you will project honesty as well as develop trust among your viewers while spreading good information about your business.

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Final Say!

Video marketing is helpful for many businesses. With the right strategy, the sky will be the limit for your business brand. But always keep in mind that you need to devise video marketing strategies as fail-safe as possible.

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