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Sales-Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

Sales Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

A business employs a number of methods to improve business prospects. You can use marketing, promotions and other gimmicks as well, but at the core of all these is your website all you need is some Website Design Tips.

If your website is not able to make the most of the traffic coming its way, the web design company in India or wherever you have hired needs to find out what is it that causes the customers to leave before they have crossed the threshold of conversion.

Among other factors, the design of your website stands out. The first-time visitors to your website take a look and start creating an impression about your brand and your products and that is without knowing anything about it. If the website impresses them, they start exploring and may or may not convert.

But, if they don’t like the design, they are likely to move on to some other website and you lose the chance of getting them as a customer.

To impress your customers, you need to have a great Website Design Tips.

Sales Boosting Website Design Tips You Can Implement Now

The following design tips, if implemented, can help in improving the conversion rate and hence boost sales.

Colours of the Website

You must ensure that the colours on the website represent your brand, but while doing so, they should also have a connection with your audience. The colour scheme should be such that the key elements that need to draw attention are clearly visible among all the others.

This includes the menus and the call-to-action buttons. The content on the website should be easy to read and hence the colour of the text should be selected keeping the background in mind.

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The Layout

A simple and easy to understand layout helps the customers to find what they want. Complicated and cluttered websites are not welcome.

A website is easy to read when it has the different sections clearly outlined and this can be achieved by making creative use of white space.

The Content Requirement

The visual content plays an important role in attracting and engaging customers. Having attractive and relevant visual media is a good idea. You should also be able to link this up to your blogs, which would give more detailed information to the consumers.

The important thing to remember here is relevance. Irrelevant content is very good at driving the consumers away.


Customers are always on the lookout for a good deal, so if you have something to offer them, make it prominent. Though you may have more offers, the ones to display up front are the ones with maximum benefit for the visitor.

The website design company in Mumbai can incorporate your promotional ideas into the design.

Customer Information

If you want the customers to sign up for something, keep the initial form short and sweet. Asking for too much detail drives away the customers as they feel they could be putting their privacy at risk.

Elements to Build Trust

Reviews and testimonials play a key role in building confidence in a brand. If you can urge your customers and visitors to review not only your brands but also your website, it will boost your business. You must also take these seriously and take corrective action for any negative feedback.

Contact Information

Having detailed information about the various ways consumers can contact you is very important. This is important for lead generation.

Providing phone numbers, address and e-mail is critical. You can additionally have links to your social media pages and a map would also be helpful. A ‘contact us’ message box is helpful when people want you to call them back for further discussions on a subject.


A page dedicated to customer doubts and concerns proves to be very useful. They can read through the set of questions, which have found their place in this section as a response to queries from others like them.

There is a high chance that they will find the answer here. If not, they can always post a query of their own. For quick answers, they can reach out to customer service.

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Having someone to answer their queries instantly is preferred to reach customer service through phone and spend time. Going through the menu to find the right executive who can answer your query.

The chatbot can respond to queries about products, policies and can also help them navigate through the website. In case there is an issue with a purchase, the chatbot can also be equipped to provide steps towards resolution. A good web design company in Mumbai can get this done for you.

With every change you make to your website by these Website Design Tips, the result could be positive or negative. Avoid making all the changes at once, else you will not be able to judge its impact.

Have a set of planned changes and test them one by one. If a particular change shows positive results, retain it; otherwise, go back to the original or think of a new modification for the element. You can also get it tested by some consumers and get their valuable feedback.

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