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Mobile Parental Control Tips for Non-Savvy Parents

Mobile Parental Control Tips for Non-Savvy Parents

In this modern era, almost every parent yearns to save their kids from digital technology effects. But technology also has a safe side that kids no longer leave home to play outside. On the internet, there is every type of data, either unethical, harmful, useful, entertaining, or technical as well.

Spy Apps technology brought an excellent solution for non-savvy parents in the form of spy software.

Before going for spy apps, parents can control kids with some other useful tips. Firstly, you know your kids are well aware of current affairs, so you should have to be updated about world circumstances as well.

In this way, you can prevent your kids from going on the wrong track. Secondly, you need to set your own rules and regulations for kids that limits the usage of mobile phones. After that, you should go to spy apps technology.

Out of millions of software, TheOneSpy is the leading one. It is the most preferable by parents because of its convenient and reliable app functions.

Mobile Parental Control Tips for Non Savvy Parents

Let’s look at the TOS mobile parental control app in detail.

The OneSpy Mobile Parental Control App

Kids mostly use mobile phones to play games, watch cartoons, or use social media accounts. TheOneSpy is the perfect solution for parents to check what their kids frequently do on smartphones.

TOS allows the parents to prevent kids from violent or pornography-based content or online predators as well.

As cybercrimes are so prevalent on social media, parents can also prevent their kids by remotely blocking the harmful person. Parents can set up online rules like which site the kids can open or cannot and which function they operate, or which cannot.

Similarly, parents can put remote alerts on safe and dangerous areas, so when the child visits those places, the parents get aware of it instantly.

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Features of TOS Parental Control App

The OneSpy detects all offline and online information and transfer at the online web portal of the user. The brilliant tools of The OneSpy spies on every single piece of information according to the user’s command.

TOS amazing features help parents to preliminary know about every interest and intention of their kid and enable them to prevent their kids by taking the initiative according to the situation.

Here, we look at different spying features of TOS and how they can help parents differently.

Call Logs

It allows the parents to track the entire history of phone calls, which has been conducted by a targeted kid. Parents can get the dialed or receive call number, chat, and call duration as well.

Message Tracker

It enables the parents to track life’s inward and outward messages. It also allows them to have a look at the previous conversation with the exact time and date of chatting.

Contacts Tracker

With a contact tracker, the parents can have a look at all saved, deleted, and blocked contacts by a targeted kid. It also enables the parents to block the contact who tries to threaten or bully their kid.

GPS Location Tracker

It gives access to targeted phone GPS and enables the user to reach a pinpoint by following the MAP track. It also allows the parents to monitor all visited places and secretly know about which place the kid frequently visits.

Social Media Tracker

It gives access to all social accounts of targeted kids. Parents can trace secret account passwords, chats, friend lists, joined groups, and shared content as well.

It spies on all types of social accounts whether it WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, messenger, or others.

Live 360 Camera Viewer

The parents can get access both the front and back cameras of the targeted smartphone. It gives a 360-degree view of the surrounding so parents could know what’s going around their kid.

Live 360 Surrounding Recorder

To listen to live surrounding sound, TOS provides an ideal tool, which is a 360 surrounding recorder. Parents can listen to live conversations and record them as well.

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Are you looking for the most trustworthy and efficient mobile parental control app? Well! You are at the exact place to get the solutions to your problems in one pack. TheOneSpy is a complete solution, which includes a bundle of innovative tools.

It empowers the parents to understand what their kids exactly need. TOS has been facilitating millions of non-savvy parents by building a trustworthy relationship with them.

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