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Leaf Proxies Review | Worth Buying?

Leaf Proxies Review | Worth Buying?

Hey! Hey! Have you thought of using the leaf proxies?

Let’s address the question in this review of leaf proxies whether this provider is a good match for you or whether you should let it go.

Leaf Proxies Review Worth Buying


Leaf Proxies is a major supplier of residential and data center proxy solutions

An online business site for any case, proxy solutions that offer Affordable,

high-bandwidth proxies for all the specifications of the customers. Delivering a quality value along the way to each client.

Through their cloud-based dashboard, the residential service is treated. At any moment, top up your data plan, with instant delivery on all residential purchases.

Test out their last-minute proxies. With instant delivery, they can be ordered at any time! Never skip one more drop. They offer several proxy services for data centers.

Daily proxies are active for 24 hours, and 30 days after purchase, their monthly proxies are accurate.

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PRODUCTS and Their Functions

1.Residential Proxy 


An intermediary that uses an IP provided by an ISP, not a data center, is a residential proxy. Each residential proxy address has a physical location.

And while billions of digital devices link to the internet at any time, the location of any device can be identified by their IP addresses. So, you send out details about your browser preferences, cookies and get logged in with your real IP address every time you go online.

A residential proxy is an IP address given by an ISP (ISP).

The issue is that many service providers can geo-lock content while the internet is a global community, meaning you can only access it from those countries. In addition, if you are attempting to scrape data or use social media bots or search engine optimization (SEO) scripts, your IP address may be blocked and you will not be able to access the requested website.

Luckily, one of the successful ways to get around these issues is through a residential proxy network.


 1GB data price = $19.5

  • Over 100 million IPs in one plan across 4 unique networks.
  • Special pools for every site and for almost every country.
  • Several private networks for Leaf users only.
  • Elite drop proxies with each plan included.
  • Contains all methods of user pass and IP authentication.
  • Dedicated support team in various languages to provide assistance.
  • Free Zephyr monitors access for participants of the residential package.
  • Active for 60 days from the date of purchase or till all the data has been used.
  • Your current data will be added to new transactions if you have an active plan and you will obtain an extra 60 days from the new date of purchase.
  • Digital product, no refunds.
  • Data overuse can result, at the sole discretion of Leaf Proxies, in cancellation without refund.
  • An email receipt of proof of order constitutes order fulfillment. No promises, specified or implied.

2.Data Center Proxy 


Datacenter proxies are proxies that are not associated with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They come from a secondary organization and provide you with authorization and anonymity for a fully private IP.

Datacenter proxies, however, typically come from cloud service providers and are used at the same time by many. These IPs can already be flagged by certain targets as they are not classified as ISP providers and certain precautionary steps could be taken.


 10 proxies price = $20 (active for 30 days)

  • Fresh Proxies for Premium London Datacenter – 10 GBPS Port Speeds.
  • The following sites have been tested: Supreme London, Nike UK, Non-antibot Shopify different EU sneaker sites, and more. Working on, but not guaranteed, mesh front end.
  • Not sold for YS or FTL EU EU EU not sold (may or may not work).
  • Captcha makes harvesting!
  • Limitless bandwidth.
  • User: Authentication bypass.
  • Proof of delivery by email is the fulfillment of the order.
  • During the duration of the monthly contract, unique site access will change at any time.
  • No assurance expressed or implied, of any sort. Digital goods – no refunds or substitutions.


 10 proxies price = $25

  • Location = North Virginia
  • Unmetered Bandwidth Mobile Broadband Proxies – 10Gbps
  • Fresh suburban IPs on a broadband tier 1 mobile network.
  • Checked on the following sites: Adidas, Dicks, Mesh, Nike, Hibbett, Supreme
  • Footsies, Yeezy Supply, and the most popular retail sites. Locked in between declines on most pages.
  • Captcha harvesting and Gmail apps are allowed.
  • Delivering Immediately. 30 days active.
  • User: Authentication by Pass.

There is no guarantee of precise site access. With a browser, proxies are checked.


For Nike, when you are using multiple accounts, all will easily get chain blocked on the same IPv4 subnet. The use of proxies is a simple way to change your IP address to prevent blocking it.


 1 account price = $1.4


  • High-quality Nike Checked Accounts operate for the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • True Sim/Numbers of Canada.
  • Guaranteed for 30 days or free replacement to be confirmed! (See Operation Terms).
  • Delivery instantly.


  • To ensure that they are not banned by Nike, all accounts are created as a random Gmail/password. This means you have to use a bot (BNB/Ghost) to verify the orders, or you can check via your credit card provider.
  • Digital brand. No repayments.
  • No substitution when Nike prohibited soft accounts (Usually Nike changes your accounts password.)



10 package price = $9.99


  • True until 22:10pm EST on Mondays (1/4/2021).
  • AIO Comcast Proxies at 10Gbps.
  • VA: Partnering with Supreme, Shopify, Adidas, Nike & more.
  • UK: Nike, Adidas & more, working on most EU pages.
  • Delivering Immediately. 
  • Active from the time of purchase until the same day at 10:15 PM EST.


  • Evidence of the shipped email constitutes order fulfillment. No repayments.


Premium LEAF SERVER plan

Price for 4Vcore-8GB ram-100GB SSD = $80

  • Location = ASHBURN VIRGINIA. 
  • OS for Windows Server 2016. 
  • SSD NVMe drives. 
  • DDR4 RAM High Density. 
  • Ultra-low latency. 
  • Intel Xeon New Generation Processors. 
  • Easy Leaf Dashboard integration. 
  • Unmetered Private 10Gbps Fiber Bandwidth. 

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The best thing now is the price. The pricing of leaf proxies is based on auto-renewal traffic, so keep that always in mind.

This makes leaf proxies best suited for use by private or small businesses. The rates are very competitive for those who want to try the supplier relative to Quality suppliers across the entire spectrum. It focuses on the features that are enough at the cost of a good to have or niche characteristics for the majority of users.

You will probably be absolutely happy with the proxies of leaf if you need proxies for ad checking, market analysis, or sneaker copping. However, it couldn’t be the best provider if you lack any additional functionality.

Wrapping up things, Alright thanks, and good luck with your leaf proxies.

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