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Incredible Reasons to Convert Your Website into Mobile App

Incredible Reasons to Convert Your Website into Mobile App

Mobile phones are more than entertainment devices and are an integral part of businesses today. People are addicted to their mobile devices, giving businesses endless opportunities to connect with the target audience. Since mobile phones have taken over, people are shifting from desktops to smartphones, evident from the booming 2.4 million Mobile App is available in the Play Store.

Today’s world is all about convenience, generously offered by mobile phones.

Businesses must be mobile-friendly in this fast-growing age to engage their audience and stay connected with the users. Mobile apps are now essential for businesses to remain competitive.

Now is the time to invest in mobile apps because over 60% of internet queries generated from mobile.

Incredible Reasons to Convert Your Website into Mobile App

Here are some of the details of why it’s time to convert your website into a mobile app:

Smartphones are the Future

Smartphones have taken over all fields of our lives, from how we interact with one another to ordering groceries and food to find products and information.

It expected that by 2020, the number of smartphone users across the globe exceeds 6.1 million smartphones. More than 70% of the world population owns a smartphone in the users.

The increasing popularity of smartphones in the world demands that businesses shift to the mobile app platform and cater to a broader audience with mobile apps.

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Advantages of Converting Website into Mobile App

Mobile Phones Support Marketing Strategies

Mobile phones stay with users throughout the day. Over 53% of users sleep with their phones by their side. Having a mobile app means that businesses can push their messages, such as offers and discounts, at a time of convenience.

Unlike desktops that have limited interaction with users, mobile phones enjoy a stronger bond, giving businesses opportunities to engage with the audience effectively.

Increases Sales Effectively

Mobile apps ensure that users can make purchases anytime they want. A mobile phone used almost it is easier to take out the phone from the pocket and buy anything.

Mobile apps enable faster and hassle-free shopping, which stimulates users’ buying behavior. On the contrary, websites can be problematic with their lengthy forms and other formalities.

Mobile apps also attract users through newsletters and notifications. Users get instant notifications on their phones about exciting new products, limited offers, discount codes, and more.

Easier Content Sharing

Mobile apps make it easier to share content on other channels, especially on social media platforms. Mobile apps optimized with other apps, such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is easier to share content via mobile apps, such as informative blogs, product pictures, infographics, and other updates

Users play an active role in sharing your content with their contacts, helping you reach more people without investing anything. The user acts as your advertising hub by sharing the content with others. However, make sure that there are clear call-to-action buttons for sharing content directly.

Main Reasons to change a Mobile App

Offline Accessibility

Not everyone has admission to the internet all the time. Mobile apps offer offline features that they can use without having an internet connection. Offline accessibility ensures that users remain in touch with the business without any interruption.

Every mobile app must offer some features that are accessible without an internet connection. For example, an e-commerce app can allow users to access their purchase history in offline mode. Similarly, a messaging app can enable users to read their chats when offline.

Mobile Phones Know the User Inside Out

Mobile phones know more about users than desktops ever did. People keep their social media profiles logged in on their phones, which helps identify users’ interests, daily routines, shopping behaviors, and more.

The analytics on mobile devices go beyond search history and interpret user behavior, giving valuable insights to serving the audience better.

With mobile apps, you get access to everything about the user, from the time the user wakes up to the most current screen times, and everything in between.

A Mobile App Allows Extra Functionality

Mobile apps offer additional functionality and features that a website cannot provide, such as geolocation features. It allows users to interact with businesses through effective channels as well as enjoy exciting app features.

With Push Notifications, businesses can send messages at the right time and place to stimulate desired behavior. For example, users may receive time-bound discount offers when they are in shopping malls.

Mobile apps enable businesses to offer a customized user experience. Flat discounts motivate not everyone, and not everyone wants free delivery. With mobile apps, businesses know customer preferences better, thus, giving each user what they like.

Easy Communication With Mobile App

Hassle-Free E-Commerce Experience

E-commerce businesses have no option but to develop intuitive mobile apps for their audience. Firstly, mobile apps offer one-step checkout, allowing users to make payments with a single click.

Users are comfortable in sharing their payment details within an app than on a website, keeping in mind websites’ more extensive accessibility via the internet.

Since mobile apps know the user well, businesses can push customized messages and show products that a user is likely interested in. For example, an app shows products that the user has been looking for on other platforms.

Furthermore, social login saves users the trouble of entering their email address and other information. It fetched from the social media apps logged in on the phone.

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Convert Your Website into a Mobile App Now

Mobile apps are now mandatory for businesses to maintain their competitive edge. Everything happens on the phone now, from ordering food to finding restrooms, and more.

There is no way one can be on the top without getting to the palms of the target audience. Undoubtedly, mobile apps are the key to higher user engagement. But finding an app development partner that delivers an extraordinary app is as important as is building one.

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